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Wet Basement

Wet Basement Solutions for Greater Hamilton Area Homeowners

Are you frustrated with having a wet basement each spring or after a heavy rain? Wm. Groves Limited offers time-tested solutions to keep your basement dry and comfortable all year long. We have an arsenal of basement troubleshooting methods and solutions to fix the cause of your wet basement.

Wet basement and foundation wall waterproofing services are available to Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

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Foundation Wall Waterproofing & Repairs

There’s no getting around it, foundation wall repairs are costly. We can solve leaking foundation wall issues with methods such as clearing or rerouting rainwater leaders, weeping tile installations/repairs, as well as waterproofing and grading.

For foundation repairs that are in landscaped areas or tight quarters, we can utilize our hydro-vacuum truck. This saves our customers thousands of dollars in restoration costs. When the area is easily accessible, we will use our own excavators, tractor backhoes or mini excavators.

Some of the services we may employ in fixing your wet basement include:

  • Backwater Valve Installations and Maintenance
  • CCTV Camera Inspections and Locating
  • Foundation Wall Repairs
  • Foundation Wall Waterproofing
  • Grading
  • High Pressure Flushing
  • Rainwater Leader Cleaning, Repairs and Re-Routing
  • Roof Drain Cleaning, Repairs and Installations
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repairs and Installations
  • Sewer System Augering
  • Storm Catch Basin Cleaning, Repairs and Installations
  • Sump Pump and Pit Installations
  • Trench Drain Cleaning, Repairs and Installations
  • Weeping Tile Cleaning, Repairs and Installations
  • Window Well Installations and Repairs

We are experienced in the restoration of cement floors, concrete sidewalks, curbs, foundations and we are able to pave, patch or construct concrete, asphalt and gravel parking lots when restoring property after our waterproofing and foundation installations and repairs, thereby eliminating the need for sub-trades for the majority of our work.


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