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Septic System Service in Greater Hamilton Area

Wm. Groves Limited is available for septic cleaning, repairs and installations to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal clients in the Greater Hamilton Area. When something goes wrong with your septic tank, whether it’s on a Sunday, holiday or overnight, we can be there to provide emergency service.

Our team is licensed in the construction, on site repair, servicing, emptying and cleaning of sewage systems.

Septic Tank & System Cleaning

Using electric augers and high pressure flushers, we can clear the sewer lines that run from your building to the septic tank, as well as from the tank to the tile bed. We can also use our CCTV camera to inspect and locate areas along the lines that may be in need of repair. Wm. Groves Limited high pressure washes septic tanks as well as excavates and flushes tile bed lines.

Septic Tank Pumping

As licensed haulers of non-hazardous industrial and sewage waste, we can use our hydro-vacuum truck to pump out large septic tanks, flooded basements and areas, as well as septic pits.

Septic System Repairs and Installations

With our more than 85 years of experience, our crews are uniquely qualified to perform septic tank installations and repairs. We also have the capability to replace existing septic tanks.

Get a Free Estimate

For a free estimate, call Wm. Groves Limited to speak with one of our knowledgeable superintendents. We will discuss your options and then offer you a free written quotation detailing all of the work that will be required.


24/7 Service

Emergency services

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365 days a year

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